Kakopetria bridge

Palechori. Sept '09. Photo: Alex Kokkinos. all rights reserved

Kakopetria. Sept '09. Photo: Alex Kokkinos. all rights reserved


9 thoughts on “Kakopetria bridge

  1. Whre in Palechori is the above bridge. I come from Palechori but I cannot remeber this bridge. Please remind me. Thanks

  2. It’s not in Palechori. I was there in October/November last year and it is definitely not there

  3. My bad guys. Real sorry about this. Indeed this is not Palexori. This is in Kakopetria.

    For the record, this a result of a mistake. I don’t appreciate suggesting I may be lying. Especially when you know I’ll probably end up reading this at some point.

  4. we are sorry for suggesting the author was lying but I think it was just a cheeky way of getting your attention so that we can finally find out where that bridge is 🙂
    thank you for clarifying.

  5. alex your guilty either…. way..

    kai pistefkw prepei na se kremasoumen pou thn GEFYRA TOU PALAIXWRIOU

  6. En xtiso gefura ego sto Palexori re! That way I’ll redeem myself. Je en na to kamo replica tountis gefuras, etsi gia na men xanaginei to idio lathos.

    Poumpouri – Xero re file pos stin kypro piannoume ta oikogeniaka dentra je pame, alla en kofko pou Palexori….. do you still want to know who my parents are? 😛

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